3 Tips to Stage Your Arizona Yard for Maximum Curb Appeal

Curb appeal and first impressions are huge when trying to sell your Arizona home. Everyone glances at their house when they arrive home, but most of your focus is on getting dinner started, checking email or whatever task you need to begin as soon as you are inside. It’s time to slowly approach your home as an inquisitive new buyer will to begin learning the story that your home has to tell.

A potential buyer’s first indication about the level of care of a home is how the yard looks. Is the yard neat and tidy? Do the plants look healthy and cared for? If there is grass, is it well maintained and lush or does it look half dead and crunchy? Is the rock neatly raked and weed free or are there places with little or no rock and many invading weeds? All of these small items give a great deal of information about how much care the property has received. Stand in the street and carefully scan the entire yard and front of your home to be sure that nothing is in disrepair or looks neglected. A single item can color the rest of a buyer’s tour of the home.

Next, walk up to the front door and spend several minutes looking closely at the entry way, the door and the surrounding area. Again, buyers will be standing here trying to gauge the care that the home was getting on a regular basis and not just the quick clean up before a home showing. Cobwebs in the corners or in the rafters, dead plants, peeling paint or dead bugs can be a fast turn off. Make sure that the area is clean and welcoming. Buy a new welcome mat to put out just before showings. Sit a nice artificial plant in a plant stand just outside the door. After the showing sit it inside the front door to keep it clean and dust free for the next showing. Make sure the doorbell works, the door knob is bright and clean and any glass on the front door is freshly cleaned. Small details will speak volumes to a potential home buyer.

Finally, look at your backyard from all of the windows in your home. Know that buyers will explore each of those views even if you don’t regularly. Place new plants, bird houses or some small interesting feature near each window to excite the buyers about exploring the backyard. And as with the front yard, make certain that the backyard is well maintained and looks neat and inviting. You want buyers to marvel at the additional living space that your backyard offers.

Know that following these three tips and spending a small amount on the outside of your home will be a good investment. Your home will sell more quickly and for a better price when the buyer knows that it has been well cared for in the past.

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