Beware Of Amateur Home investors

Beware Of Amateur Home investors

When you have determined that you need to sell your home quickly, your first thought should be to find a real estate investment firm to work with. These are companies who are in the business of buying homes quickly, and in an all-cash purchase, for the purposed of renovating and flipping the homes. But unfortunately, this business has become the target of some less than scrupulous individuals who are passing themselves off as legitimate businesses. But homeowners should not overlook the opportunity of working with a reliable home investor such as Higher Offer. Simply be aware that not everyone is as honest and upfront as we are, and know the warning signs of a less than legitimate business.

Clear and Concise

A reputable real estate investor has nothing to hide and is more than happy to work with a seller who is knowledgeable and well informed. When you begin to ask questions about the buyer’s process, the terms of the sale and the company’s licensing there should never be any questions that the buyer cannot or will not answer. At Higher Offer, we encourage buyers to ask questions and learn as much as possible about our company, the way we do business and what we offer all of the sellers that we work with. We truly have nothing to hide.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Every real estate investor is in business to make money. No one is going to hear your story and feel sorry enough for you to be willing to lose money. So when an investment buyer promises you far more than any competitor, you should see the red flag. Some less than honest buyers will offer a very high purchase price but will then add extra fees and charges onto the purchase agreement. The end result is that you get a higher sale price but you are forced to return a large portion of the money to the buyer. Make sure that your final payment amount after fees and charges is what you are comparing with each offer.

Don’t Become A Tenant

Be wary of any buyer who offers to allow you to remain in the home after you have completed the sale. In essence, the buyer wants to become your landlord and have you continue to pay him or her rent rather than moving out and forcing the buyer to renovate and sell the home. Take your belongings and your cash and find your new home rather than paying someone else to live in a home that you just sold. A true real estate investor will want you to vacate as soon as possible to begin work on the house so that it can be flipped in as short a time frame as possible.

If you are concerned about working with a shady investor, contact Higher Offer. Our buyers will explain the entire process to you and then make you an offer for your home. You are under no obligation to sell to us but if you do take our offer, we will complete all of the documentation as a part of our purchase agreement. You will not need to hire a realtor or pay a high commission. Just sign the purchase contract and begin packing to move to your new home.

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