Beware Of Potential Hazards In A House With Fire Damage

Beware Of Potential Hazards In A House With Fire Damage

It is understandable that after a house fire, homeowners want to return as quickly as possible to survey the damage and gather belongings. But health and safety should be your first concern. Even a house which looks to be safe and relatively intact can have structural damage or be harboring toxins from the smoke.

Chemical Toxins

We all understand that breathing in smoke can cause severe lung damage. But the chemical toxins created by the heat of the fire can linger long after the smoke has cleared. These microscopic particles can permeate fabric and other porous materials in the home and remain a danger to your health. Even entering while wearing a mask can present a danger as the toxins can get on your skin and clothing to be inhaled after you leave the house.

Structurally Unsafe

The fire will cause some obvious damage that you will be able to see and avoid. But The incredible heat from the fire can also cause damage that you cannot see. Steel and other metal in the home can become compromised and weak, making it unsafe to walk in the house. The fire could also have degraded some of the wooden portions of the structure which could collapse under the weight of a person causing serious injuries.

Utility Issues

In addition to structural damage to the house, there could be damage to the utility systems as well. Loose wires or cables pose the potential for electrical injuries while gas or oil fuel could be reignited in the event of a spark causing another fire. After any fire, regardless of how serious you believe the damage to be, you should have a qualified home inspector clear the house before you enter it. Your safety is far more valuable than any items that might be intact in your house after a fire.

The Overwhelming Stress

If even thinking about your home and the fire that damaged it causes you to stress, then you should seriously consider selling the property so that you can move into a new home. The time and effort involved in fire restoration and repairs can be massive, as can the financial commitment. But a fast sale of the home in as is condition can eliminate all of the worry and cost of those repairs. Contact Higher Offer to learn about selling your home to a company with years of experience buying fire damaged homes. We will make you a fair offer and pay in cash so that you can buy a new home without the worries of potential toxins or other lingering effects from your house fire.

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