Easy Tips For Downsizing

Easy Tips For Downsizing

Many empty nesters are discovering that having a lot of extra space after the kids move out is not as luxurious and fun as they might have expected. Rarely do most people have house guests for more than a day or two, so the rooms go mostly unused. The only time you go into the extra bedrooms is when you are cleaning them. After a few months of that, downsizing begins to sound like a very good idea. Not only will you be reducing your living expenses, but few possessions will mean less time spent cleaning and being a slave to things rather than being out enjoying life.

Think About The Life You Want

As you begin to think about a smaller home, think about what you want out of the next 20 years of your life. Days filled with activities that you enjoy and in the company of good friends is very doable when you have reduced your housing costs and have a larger disposable income. And if you have a long bucket list of adventures and activities to accomplish, then think about reducing clutter and possessions and finding happiness in a more minimalist lifestyle to allow for travel and activities.

Begin The Sorting Process

As you pare down the things in your home, speak to family members to see who has an attachment or desire to have special items, such as family heirlooms and other prized possessions. Passing along some of those items now can provide you with more space in a smaller home, and you will still get to enjoy them when you visit your loved ones home. Things that are still very functional but are not used regularly can be donated to charity or sold for some extra cash. This is also a good time to begin cleaning out closets, drawers and other storage areas that have been ignored for years. There is no reason to move items that you will never use again.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

It can be easy to see an entire household as too much to sort through. But starting in a single room can make the project more manageable. Decide to do a little sorting each day or set a goal for each week’s accomplishments so that the task feels more manageable. It is sometimes helpful to sort with three boxes which are labeled keep, sell and donate. Everything should fit in one of those boxes or the trashcan.

As you get closer to your goals for downsizing your belongings, you might be thinking that getting your home ready to sell is going to be another major undertaking. But selling your house can actually be the easiest part of downsizing when you contact Higher Offer. This company will access your home and present you with a cash offer to buy your home. You don’t need to worry about all of the intense cleaning, the staging or having strangers walking through your home. And there is no obligation for you to take the offer. But most older homeowners are happy to take the cash offer and be able to skip all of the repairs and word involved in getting the family home on the market. Contact Higher Offer today to learn about how you can quickly sell your home and begin a new chapter of your life in your new home.

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