Four Questions To Consider When Selling Your Tempe Home To Retire

Four Questions To Consider When Selling Your Tempe Home To Retire

The Golden Years are a time of many life changes. You are looking forward to the carefree life of retirement, the kids are out of the house and you are in a position to map out your future based on what you want to do and not what others need from you. As you begin to think about selling your home, there are a few questions that you need to consider.

Why Sell Your Home?

The first question might sound very basic, but the answer can provide you with some important information. The reason to sell your home could be financial, as in you are looking to decrease your living expenses. Or the motivation could be the care and maintenance that a house requires. You just want more freedom and fewer chores. The other popular answer is to relocate to your ideal retirement locale. Whatever your reason is, that will dictate your goals for the sale of your home. Some folks might focus only on the price they can get and how that will fund their future while others are more interested in a fast sale and then of a long to-do list.

Where Will You Go?

This question is the logical next step in your discovery process. Where do you want to go after you leave your family home? Some retirees chose to purchase a smaller home, while others decide that renting is a better fit. Renting offers less maintenance and far better amenities in some cases, but there is likely to be less privacy and more rules and limitations to deal with.

Is Money A Factor?

It is very common for retirees to be concerned about their finances. After earning a paycheck for decades, it can be very scary to think that the money you have saved needs to last for the rest of your life. For this reason, many home sales are focused on securing a nice nest egg for new retirees. If this is the case for you, be certain to evaluate your new home and lifestyle to be sure that you will not be facing some unexpected expenses that can quickly consume your savings. A new home can require furnishings and decor items, a relocation can require a new wardrobe for the unique climate, and even a condo can have expenses such as HOA fees.

Can You Afford Repairs Before Selling?

Most of the time, you have lived in your home for decades and the house could use a little TLC before you sell. Things like stuck windows, damaged drywall and worn flooring will all signal to potential buyers that there could be other more costly issues that are hidden deep inside the walls of this home. But the question for you is, can you afford to make these repairs before your home is placed on the market?

If you have sailed through the first three questions and are now eager to begin the next chapter of your life, question four could be very disheartening. But there is a simple and affordable solution. Contact Higher Offer to learn about selling your home to a real estate investor. We will make you a cash offer for your home as it sits, with no repairs and no worries for you. Just start packing and get ready to move on to enjoying your retirement.

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