Walking Away From An Upside Down Mortgage

Walking Away From An Upside Down Mortgage There are many reasons why you could be facing a mortgage that is in excess of the value of your home. In some areas, property values have drastically dropped while in other cases, homeowners refinanced to pull equity out of their home during a financial crisis. But regardless … Continued

Getting Cash For The Phoenix Home You Inherited

Getting Cash For The Phoenix Home You Inherited Inheriting a Phoenix home can be both a very good experience and a very difficult one. In almost every case, the reason for receiving the home is the death of a loved one which makes this a very emotion filled time in your life. And in addition … Continued

Easy Tips For Downsizing

Easy Tips For Downsizing Many empty nesters are discovering that having a lot of extra space after the kids move out is not as luxurious and fun as they might have expected. Rarely do most people have house guests for more than a day or two, so the rooms go mostly unused. The only time … Continued

We Buy Houses For Cash In Phoenix – See How It Works

There might be a number of different reasons why you need to sell your Phoenix Arizona house fast. It may be that you’re moving to a different state, or maybe even a different country. It may be that you have some personal issues like going through a divorce, bankruptcy, you’ve lost your job… or any other reason … Continued

How To Tell A Good Investment Property From A Bad One In Phoenix

Not all investment properties are created equally. Do you know what separates a good investment property from a bad one? Many novice investors will jump into an investment purchase without carefully evaluating what will actually be involved to turn a profit. In our latest post, we will help you learn how to tell a good investment … Continued

Great Reasons To Downsize

Great Reasons To Downsize Many people think that the only reason to consider downsizing is to meet a new financial demand or to cut living expenses. And those are both solid reasons to downsize, but the fact is that many older adults are thinking about moving to a smaller home for a variety of other … Continued

Getting Out Of A Mortgage You Can’t Pay

Getting Out Of A Mortgage You Can’t Pay There are many reasons that you could be struggling to pay your mortgage, but the end result is that you need to find a way to get out of it and end your stress. The worry and anxiety created when you try month after month to find … Continued

What A Stagnant Listing Really Costs You In Phoenix

When trying to sell your home, a house that sits on the market for too long will only end up working against you. In our latest post, we will help you learn how to sell quickly, avoiding a dreaded stagnant listing.  When a house sits on the MLS of weeks or months at a time, … Continued

Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Phoenix Home

Hidden Costs Of Selling Your Phoenix Home When you decide to sell your home, the last thing that you expect is to be forced to give up nearly one-tenth of the sale price in fees and expenses related to the sale process. But that is exactly what homeowners are experiencing when they elect to sell … Continued

Hidden Costs of Water Damage

Hidden Costs of Water Damage While water is the greatest necessity of life, it also holds the power to be one of the most dangerous forces on earth. Storm damage and flood damage cost U.S. insurance companies over $2.5 billion each year. And that is just for the damage that is visible shortly after the … Continued

Common Mistakes That Keep A House From Selling

Common Mistakes That Keep A House From Selling If you are getting frustrated because your home has not sold after being listed for months, there could be a very simple reason for the lack of interest and offers. Not everyone knows how to prepare a house for sale, and it is easy to make a … Continued

Tips For Quickly Flipping Phoenix Real Estate

Quickly flipping real estate is a necessary skill if you want to be a strong investor. Knowing how to quickly turn a house is crucial. In our latest post, we provide some excellent tips for quickly flipping real estate in the Phoenix area. As a Phoenix investor, you know you are losing money for every day you … Continued