Reasons Homeowners Sell Their Phoenix Home

Many people are shocked to learn that the average homeowner moves about every 5 to 7 years. There are some people who live in a single home for more than half of their lives but that is becoming less and less common in today’s busy world. There are many factors that play a big role in why we move an average of 3-4 times every two decades.

Family Demands

One of the biggest factors in moving is family. To start from the beginning, many couples purchase their first home shortly after they get married. It is the first home that they select together and it is their first home as a family. Often times this starter home is where their first newborn comes home from the hospital. It is the day that think their home is its most perfect. But after adding another child or two, that perfect home is cramped and getting more miserable by the day. It’s time to move to a larger home. Another reason that the family might be expending is the need to care for an older parent. In some cases, moving closer to a parent makes it easy enough to provide some extra help with chores and errands. But if constant care is required, you might be looking at a home that has space for your parent to live with you.

Empty Nesting

Some parent long for the days of a house full of children and others are happy to finally reach the empty nest stage. But either way, it becomes clear that you don’t need such a large house. This is the perfect time to downsize and reduce the time and energy you spend cleaning and maintaining your home.

Your Own Health Needs

As we get older, things like steps and narrow doorways can make a house difficult to navigate. Choosing to move to a home that is a single story and has adaptations for easier access might be a great solution to being able to live independently. You might also have a medical condition that makes a milder climate a better living environment for you. A move to ensure that you feel better is worth the time spent finding a home in a new place.

Cashing Out

Many times, older homeowners will look at the equity they have in their home and realize that they could put it to better use. Sometimes the funds are rolled into retirement savings after purchasing a smaller, less expensive home. Other times the money is used to fulfill bucket list dreams such as traveling or a new hobby. The motivation is that the homeowners have worked all of their lives and now they want to use the money that is tied up in their home to live the life of their dreams. It is a simple solution to find a smaller home and use the remaining money to explore the world, travel to spend more time with grown children and grandchildren, volunteer in another country or anything that you feel it worthwhile. The best process to follow once you decide to sell your home is to contact a real estate professional such as Phoenix Home Buyer Group to learn about your options for selling your home.


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