3 Risks Of Living In A Phoenix Home After Fire Damage Repairs

After the trauma of a fire in your home, there are many contractors who will tell you that all of the damage can be repaired. Each salesperson will promise that his or her firm will remove all of the potential hazards and return your home to the safe haven that it once was. But never forget that there can always be issues hiding in the structure unbeknownst to the repair company. Selling your house after a fire is the only way to KNOW that you will never face a potential injury or illness as a result of hidden fire damage.

Hidden Fire Damage

It is important for homeowners to understand that the average house fire burns at over 1,100 degrees. And at just over 480 degrees, building materials used to construct your home and provide you shelter and safety, are beginning to be weakened and structurally compromised. So of this damage will be visually detectable but other damage can be hidden deep within the homes foundation, walls, and floors. Some indications of this damage could include:

  • Charred wood
  • Cracked bricks, masonry or concrete
  • Warped, bent or cracked steel

All of these issues can represent a much greater problem as the support structures and functional systems of your home could already be unsafe or they could deteriorate further, making your home unsafe.

Smoke Damage

Everyone is aware of the grave danger associated with breathing smoke and the chemical toxins that it can contain. But did you know that once released into a home during a fire, those toxins linger on the surfaces in your home as well as in the fabrics, porous materials, and even your ductwork? Fire restoration companies have no way of knowing where these life-threatening particles have settled or what materials they might have permeated. And as a result, you and your family members could begin to suffer from rashes, eye irritation, and even life-threatening respiratory issues after returning to your house after fire restoration.

Mold Damage

Most homeowners are also well aware of the damages associated with mold. But it is not commonly known that many mold issues are the result of water and fire extinguishers used to put out a fire in your home. The EPA warns that in only 24 hours, mold can begin to appear in moist areas of a home. If this mold remains undetected during the fire damage repairs you and your family could face a rash, severe allergic reactions as well as ear nose and throat irritation and complications from living in a mold-ridden environment.

The Only Way To Be Sure

Most fire restoration companies will try to eliminate all potential hazards after a fire. But they can only work to repair what they can see. The only way that you can know that your family is living in a completely safe home free of toxins and mold contamination is to sell the house that burned and buy a new home for your family. Higher Offer is the answer to all of your concerns and financial worries related to your damaged home. In just days you can have the cash that you need to find a new, safe home for you and your family to enjoy. Contact www.HigherOffer.com today so that you can begin building new memories in your new home.

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