Top 10 Reasons Home Owners Sell a Phoenix Home

A home is a great investment both financially and personally. It affords a pride in ownership that few other purchases instill in the buyer. It goes from being a house that you bought to the home where you find refuge and where you create lasting memories with family and friends. But there can come a time when your home is no longer meeting all of your needs and it is time to sell your home and find a new one. There are several times when this can occur and you should understand that it is a normal part of life not an ending but the beginning of a new chapter and adventure.

Most buyers purchase their first home, or starter home as it is sometimes called, as a way to get experience as a homeowner. They are making the first really huge purchase of their lives and are just happy to become homeowners. They purchase a smaller home with a smaller price tag because that is what they can afford and what will help them to build equity as a stepping stone to their next home. They know that like most people, they will outgrow the size of their starter home in the future and be ready to purchase a larger home using the value that has built up in their current home. Sometimes it is not the size of the home that they outgrow but maybe the features. They have new interests or hobbies and want a home that will offer newer features and blend better with their current lifestyle. Upgrading is common after a few years in a basic starter home. Or maybe after a few years the owners discover that the house just isn’t what they expected and they made a mistake. Then it is time to sell the house and find one that will meet more of their needs.

Sometimes a house must be sold due to circumstances that really have nothing to do with the house itself. The owner might be transferred to another city and moving is just the only option. Or the homeowner chooses to move to be near family, friends or because of a marriage or divorce. These changes in location or life changes are not really about the satisfaction with the house; it is more about logistics. Another example of an outside change would be if the neighborhood changes. Sometimes new zoning or a growth in the surrounding area can have a huge impact on the neighborhood. A homeowner might just not be happy with the increase in traffic the noise level or the feel of the area any longer.

Large life changes are also a common reason to sell a home. After children have grown up and moved out, a home might simply be larger than the owners feel that they need. These empty nesters want to find a smaller home that is easier to manage and care for. Retirement can also be a motivator to move. Some homeowners look at retirement as the perfect time to relocate to a different climate or to their dream location. Or maybe health issues are the reason to sell a home. Older homeowners might find it difficult to navigate a two story home, or the need for a wheelchair might make the home too difficult to navigate.

There are many reasons to sell your current home. Take just a few moments to contact Phoenix Home Buyers Group to learn more about your options. This will allow you to make a well informed decision about how and when you want to sell your home.

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