Why Homeowners Sell in Arizona

The average homeowner sells their home and moves once or twice every ten years. And there are many reasons behind these moves. Some are related to the house itself while other reasons are driven by job or family changes. Understanding why a home is on the market can help you to understand what type of offer the seller is looking for and how you can have the best chance of being the new owner of your dream home.

The House

Often times, a starter house is just that, a place to begin to establish credit and to build equity. Once the owner has done both of those things, they are ready to move up to a larger home or maybe a home in a more convenient or better location. It is not that the house has any real issues other than it no longer meets the needs of the owner. In some cases, the owner discovers that they made a bad choice or rushed into the purchase of their home. At first it seemed to be the perfect home but after a few years they learn that it clearly doesn’t meet all of their needs. There are no defects in the house or items that need renovation or repair, it’s just not a good fit for them but will be a perfect home for another family.


A homeowner can decide to relocate for a number of reasons. Getting a great job offer in a new city or a promotion that requires a move is common. A relocation can also be driven by a family obligation. An older parent living in a distant city can be very difficult. Never knowing how they are doing or being able to lend a hand with chores or errands can make a family feel helpless and the parent feel distant and forgotten. Moving to be closer to parents is a great way to spend more time together as a family and to offer assistance or care when it is needed. It can also be very rewarding to see grandchildren bonding with their grandparents and the joy that it brings to both generations. Another reason for a relocation could be a divorce. Relocating after such an emotional and stressful event can be a great way to create a fresh start in a new area.

Life Changes

We all experience numerous life changes. We move in with a new spouse, we might choose to move when the house becomes an empty nest or a move could be considered at retirement. All of these events change not only our lives by also what we want from our home. We might need more space or less space. We could have the desire to be in the heart of the city where the action is happening or maybe we need the calm environment of a suburb or small town. We could choose a warm, sunny climate for retirement or move across the country to enjoy more time with children and grandchildren. What is important is understanding what encourages a person to sell their home and what you can include in your offer to insure that your offer is accepted. Hiring a real estate professional to guide you through this process is the first step in getting your dream home.

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