Why Homeowners Sell In Glendale, AZ

When you think of your Glendale home, you think of it as a long term investment and commitment. But the average person moves once every five to seven years. And the reasons can vary greatly. Most of them are due to life changes but there are a few which are specific to the house. Knowing why a family or person is selling a home can help you to make your offer more appealing to them and insure that you are going to get your dream home. Some buyers are in a hurry to sell to relocate, while others want to see a young family who will enjoy their family home for years to come. Tailoring your offer to meet the buyer’s needs is always a great advantage to have when there are multiple offers.

Life changes can have a big impact on your needs from your home. One of the first is marriage. You might have purchased a home when you were single and it was perfect for you. But now that there is another person to consider, it might not be such a perfect home. In addition, you might want to select a home together, so getting married is a good reason to sell a home and purchase your first home that you will live in as a couple. Another big change occurs when children arrive. A nice little starter home becomes very tiny when you start adding tiny people to it. It’s not that a child takes up a lot of space but all of their stuff sure does. There are cribs, playpens, dressers and toys everywhere. It is just time to sell your house and find a bigger one.

The reverse of these is also true. You have a large family home but the children are all grown up and have moved away. Now there are several empty bedrooms and living spaces that you really never use. In addition, that big yard requires more care than you are interested in providing. Downsizing as empty nesters is a good reason to sell that big family home. Retirement is another reason that many people choose to sell a home. They are finally untethered from a work place and are free to live anywhere that they desire. So they sell their house and move to that perfect retirement dream spot. Along those same lines, aging can make a once perfect home feel like an obstacle course. If you are using a walker or cane to assist you then it could be difficult getting around in an older home with narrow hallways and doorways. Also, steps could be an issue that you would just like to eliminate from your daily life. Getting a home that is easier to get around in is a good reason to sell.

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