Why Your Arizona House Is Not Selling


If you have had your home on the market and not gotten an offer after 6 showings then there is likely a very simple explanation. In most cases the lack of offers can be tracked back to one of two simple variables: price and condition. If you are not getting any interest then you need to take a serious look at both of these factors and have a long conversation with your realtor.

First let’s take a look at condition. This actually covers more ground than you might think. As you would expect, this is speaking to the overall condition of your home. If the home is dingy, dirty and in disrepair then buyers are going to pop in and out very quickly. They are going to walk down the center of a single room if you are lucky and then they will bolt. No one wants to think about all of the filth and all of the poorly cared for systems that are hidden behind sheets of drywall and under the floorboards. So obviously you want to have the house clean and fresh for perspective buyers.

In addition you want to be sure that there are no tiny little items that need repair. This just shows that the house was not getting long term care or regular maintenance. A loose tile here and a broken piece of molding there are easy fixes and allow the buyer’s eye to move on to appreciate the upgraded faucet or the amazing wood trim instead of fixating on a small imperfection. Those tiny items that you can tackle in an afternoon could be what is turning away a potential buyer.

Another sad fact is that over 80% of homes are accessed by a buyer using a lock box or a buyer’s agent using a lock box to access the home. This means that they could be walking into a dark house. You need to make sure that the house is ready to be viewed and fallen in love with. Windows should be crystal clear, blinds and curtains should be open and small rooms should have a light turned on to increase the vision of space. You need to make sure that as soon as the front door is opened, the house is making a great first impression on the buyers.

The other factor that could be driving away buyers is your asking price. If you have a home that needs updates and is a fixer upper then it needs to be priced that way. Be honest if you want to get the right buyer to come look at your home. Realize that if you are asking top dollar for your home then the kitchen and bathrooms need to be perfect. Those are the first rooms to be scrutinized and the ones that can make a buyer turn around and walk out the door. If you are not sure why your house is not selling then visit www.phoenixhomebuyersgroup.com to learn about the information that this team of real estate professionals has to offer. Their experience and knowledge can help you get that offer that you have been waiting for.

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